Meet our team of psychics

Enchanted has licensed psychics avaible seven days a week in our Salem, MA shop or 24 hours a day online!

Many of pur psychics have been trained by Laurie Cabot, world renowned psychic and Official Witch of Salem.


Our psychics are also available for phone readings!

Laurie Cabot

Laurie Cabot is the Official Witch of Salem, Massachusetts and a powerful psychic medium. Laurie has been practicing the arts of Witchcraft for nearly 70 years and opened the world's first Witch Shop in Salem in 1970. For the past 45 years Laurie has been focused on educating the world about Witchcraft as a science, art and a religion. Laurie is the author of five books and has appeared in numerous television shows, newspapers and magazines. Laurie has taught and lectured around the world including Salem State, Harvard and Oxford Universities.

Alura Rose

Alura Rose was born in Upstate New York during a Capricorn Sun with Rising Moon in Virgo. Alura has been passionate about many forms of divination and the craft for over 35 years, so much in fact, that she felt a calling to become a Professional Witch and Tarot Reader. Alura has been readingprofessionally for the past 7 years blending the traditional meanings of the Tarot along with her own intuition as she delivers information compassionately seeking to empower the querent. Alura has studied Ceremonial Witchcraft with a private coven, has been a solitary witch for most of her life and is a Priestess of The Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, NH.

David Erwin

Dave fell in love with Tarot at 11 years old. Coming back to it as an adult is a true joy and part if his general sense of ministry and holistic counseling  /consultations. His readings are one part intuitive, one part psychological, with a teaspoon of Law of Attraction--and always enlightening, sometimes challenging but always fun.


Edward has over 20 years experience as psychic advisor and is licensed in Salem and established in Boston and as far as California and Ireland. Edward is a natural medium working with a variety of divination tools including but not limited to: tarot, runes, palmistry and a crystal ball.

Heather K

Heather has been drawn to spirituality and magick since her early childhood, but didn’t develop as a psychic clairvoyant until later in life.  Trained in the UK in Kent, Heather has been a psychic reader and reiki healer for 10 years working both in the US and England.  She reads with tarot, oracle and angel cards and provides multiple perspectives in her readings.  A strong believer in the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity, Heather came to Enchanted seeking counsel for herself, and ended up as both a reader and a student in workshops and courses offered here.  

Mat Auryn

Mat Auryn is a professional tarot reader, a natural psychic, a trained shaman, reiki master, teacher and a practicing Witch. Mat has been studying the tarot for over 15 years having been drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical studies as a child, and at the age of eight Mat began studying occultphilosophy and esoteric subjects. Mat is a correspondent of Modern Witch Magazine and currently a student of the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School and a student of the Black Rose tradition of Witchcraft.

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