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Dark Moon Ritual


February 15, 2018

at 7pm

Join the Witches of Enchanted during the Dark Moon for a devotional rite to Goddess Hekate, lead by Justice the Wizard.
In the Ancient World, Hekate was among the most revered goddesses. Surviving through myths, stories, and poetry, Hekate’s influence is still strong in the modern day. Being the Triple Goddess of Witchcraft and the Dead, the Mistress of Sky, Land, and Sea, even the lofty Zeus of Ancient Greece bowed to her power. Hekate’s sacred rites were observed by her initiates at the Dark of the Moon of each month, a liminal time between End and the Beginning.
Novice, Adept, or just curious, this rite is open to all who wish to experience the grace and power of goddess Hekate. Justice the Wizard, a devotee of the goddess for many years, will lead us on an exploration of her Mysteries as we attend to her altar housed at Enchanted and invoke her presence to commune with her through ritual, meditation, and divination.


Rituals encourage participation from all who attend and will be followed by a brief gathering with refreshments.


A donation of $10 - $20 per person is appreciated to help cover the cost of supplies

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