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Enchanted is, as its name implies, a Magickal shop for Witches and Muggles alike and is located in the "Witch City", Salem, MA.  Enchanted is filled with warm colors, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and our very own “Enchanted” tree (complete with Wisteria, butterflies and, if you are not careful, you may see a faerie or two).

Enchanted is proud to be the home of Laurie Cabot, The Official Witch of Salem and her daughter Penny Cabot with the largest selection of all their hand-crafted magickal items.  In addition to her hand-craft items, Laurie offers classes, workshops and readings!

At Enchanted we have many items you might need for you magick: herbs and oils, stones, crystals, peytons (altar tiles), candles and holders, athames, chalices, and offering bowls. We have jewelry by Crystal Earth and Peter Stone as well as local artisans.You will find a variety of hand-crafted items such as soaps, herbal teas, aromatherapy products and so much more, all from locals crafters, artists and/or Salem Witches.

In addition to our wonderful products, Enchanted offers classes, workshops, Reiki and psychic/tarot readings.

No trip to Salem, MA is complete without a visit to Enchanted; the "must see" authentic Witch shop!

Store Hours

Monday - Friday: 12pm - 6pm

Saturday: 12pm - 7pm

Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

 Phone and live video readings

7 days a week with extended hours!


We're hiring!


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